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The EP Release gig date has been announced!!!


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Recording with Sylvia Massy

At the end of August we had the honour and joy of having a recording session with world famous producer Sylvia Massy. Apart from her golden ears, amazing talent, and never-ending creativity, she brought a kind smile, and relentless positivity to the session. It has been the best experience we’ve had as a band, and we’re very happy with the results. It makes a huge difference to work with someone like Sylvia, and even though a lot of people out there in the world of the internet, share lots of information, and promote their equipment, and say that you can do everything yourself nowadays, after this recording session we know for a fact that (maybe some other people can do it on their own… maybe, but) we can’t do it. And that’s ok! We can make what we believe to be great music. Today’s music industry might not agree, and the narrowing “Funnel Effect” of what’s left of the Pop Music that many decades ago had the luxury of filling it’s mainstream bracket with bands of a wide range of genres, and styles, might not agree with it anymore, but we make the music we love. The music we feel our world is missing. The music that makes us feel whole and helps us make sense of what we are not prepared to understand. That’s probably never gonna be cool enough to get any attention from big masses. But it is true, and honest, and it is made with love.
Thank you Sylvia Massy for such a great experience! Much love! M-T

Adaptation (SOUNDCHECK @ Visual Radio Arts)

Is This May? Tour


First few gigs of 2018

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Mutant-Thoughts – Is This Me? EP – Promo Video

This is the promo video for the recently release EP, Is This Me? by Mutant-Thoughts. The video was made by Agata Rucin, www.agatarucin.com, and features scenes of the Release gig that Mutant-Thoughts played at The Louisiana, in Bristol UK, on the 7th of September 2017.

You can listen/download the EP here: https://mutant-thoughts.bandcamp.com/album/is-this-me